Friday, May 11, 2012

Won Park is the master of Origami

This guy does origami with dollar bills and lives in a converted garbage truck.
Be sure you scroll to the end of this e-mail to look at photos of inside his truck!
Won Park is the master of Origami. He is also called the "money folder",
a practitioner of origami whose canvas is the United States
One Dollar Bill. Bending, twisting, and folding, he creates
life-like shapes in stunning detail.
One Dollar

Description: 07B5F5DE-3A7F-4EE2-A5DC-B1751211D380

One Dollar Butterfly

Description: E392E1FD-A358-4ED5-AACE-F0FF99666926

One Dollar Camera

Description: 2E56AB53-F01F-444C-A191-D4AC0ACAA22F

Two Dollars Battle Tank

Description: 6749A133-27BF-446A-B6C5-0FF1BF5B2308

Two Dollars Chinese Dragon

Description: 7213AEFF-ABDB-4320-9155-FE4B220374AC

One Dollar Crab
Description: E7049B1D-7946-4E21-A0E1-FDD2AA1A29BE

One Dollar Dolphin

Description: 917F6EDB-E90F-404C-836E-DCB3FA54B3C4
Two Dollars Jacket

Description: 179FDADB-2C1A-4219-AD2C-5EA770F6BE39

Two Dollars Spider

Description: F32027CB-C706-4D14-A4B0-A7F7197A29BF

One Dollar Scorpion

Description: 3B021A59-B7CE-4601-9C23-719C3D590E10

One Dollar Bat

Description: 5C751D86-D7C5-438E-BCB5-BC178AF828B8

One Dollar Toilet Bowl

Description: D95BBADD-FDB8-4F39-9567-B8A1429CFD55
Description: A437F60A-AD5F-44A5-A3D0-CAFA0380B2D5

One Dollar Penguin

Description: 02789B0E-1E18-4333-AC6B-63677D9F564C

One Dollar Shark

Description: 52CBBEA0-3F23-4AD1-B260-27E95B66CE16

One Dollar Jet

Description: 3C02270B-F1E8-4ECA-9449-21B17BB7CD3A

One Dollar Hammer Head Shark

Description: 4B63A015-DAA0-463B-9A2A-BEDD20CE5D4F

This is wild ****
He lives in a garbage truck! You have to look at

This place

Description: C0F870D0-91FE-4A05-8FD5-0094DD8D7859
Description: 345971CC-1264-4A82-9B8D-5A6C7FB82128
Description: AC7148B2-A216-484B-966C-1FFB169EF560
Description: 02B4E6F6-FCE8-4334-96B4-F2970F5A6BE6
Description: 8CD31391-255F-4A81-94BC-6F97DEBB6E09
Description: CA907F44-6E2B-4687-BFBC-657B8E649E9A

Description: 78EA6570-B82F-4934-9774-6F854CB84C70
Description: 2488C139-625B-47EF-9379-881CC5F8C7A8
Description: 29F705D7-0A26-494D-87E5-3FE5601A1764

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