Thursday, June 26, 2008

Siegfried Woldhek: The true face of Leonardo Da Vinci?

Despite being famous for his work and art the face of Leonard da Vinci is still a mystery to us all. It has always been speculated but never proven what exactly Leonardo had looked like because of the multitude of pictures, portraits, and drawings of faces that he had drawn and sketched of himself and others. However, Siegfried Woldhek - an illustrator of up to 1,100 faces - believes that he may have found the true face of Leonardo. By using his experience as an artist and image analysis methods Siegfried believes that he has found out of all the drawings the actual self portraits of Leonardo. Here you’ll see him presenting this at a TED Talks Conference.

There is something that puzzles me and that is the math for Leonardo’s age…as you’ll see in the video for yourself. Between 1490 and 1513 Leonardo should have been 61 not 63 years of age! Other than this fact Siegfried does make a strong argument and presents some solid looking evidence to back up his claims. Even if he ends up being proven wrong the famous picture of an old bearded man will always be the face I think of when I hear the name Leonardo da Vinci.

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